Our family

Patsy and Charley met and fell in love in late 2008, not long before the election. In fact, one of their first dates was canvassing for then-candidate Obama in New Hampshire on a beautiful October Sunday.


Charley fancies himself a bit of a renaissance man. He is an artist by training, a web developer by profession, a former professional photographer. Travel, cooking, art and technology are passions of his.


Patsy is a stage manager, director, and teacher, not always in that order. After 28 years in Colorado, she packed up her car and moved to Boston. She likes cooking and traveling, trying new food and reading Harry Potter.


On the day Maija was born, we were unprepared. So unprepared, in fact, that we left dinner on the stove when we went to the hospital, thinking that we would probably be coming back home soon after another false alarm.

Maija is just over a year old and is the light of our lives. She is fortunate to have grandparents nearby who come to take care of her almost every day when we are at work. Right now, sheep and owls seem to be her favorite animals.

Since the day she was born, Maija has enjoyed funk music and has been cultivating a love for Apple devices that nearly rivals her father's.

Help Maija sort the shapes!

We love to travel!

Before we met, both Patsy and Charley had traveled quite a bit on their own. Maija hasn't had as many opportunities (she's just a baby still) but we look forward to her joining us on globetrotting adventures before long.


Thumb through our recipe box

Sous-vide steak

Tuna Poke

Weeknight baked cod

Step 1: Season your steak with salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic

Step 2: Vacuum-pack it

Step 3: Sous-vide for 2-3 hours at 131°F

Step 4: Sear on very hot cast-iron pan for a few minutes

Step 1: Obtain ridiculously excellent tuna, cube it

Step 2: Season tuna with soy sauce, sesame oil, scallions and sesame seeds

Step 3: Serve in beautiful dishes, perhaps with some artfully arranged bean sprouts

Step 1: Mince garlic, chop parsley

Step 2: Put cod on oven-safe baking dish

Step 3: Pour white wine and olive oil over fish

Step 4: Sprinkle fish with garlic and parsley

Step 5: Bake at 400°F for 20-25 minutes, until opaque and flakey

Step 6: Serve with baguette and vegetables